losing jobs to technology: A Goodbye to Manual Jobs

Losing jobs to technology: A Goodbye to Manual Jobs

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Are we losing jobs to technology? In this post, we examine some of the manual jobs which are being replaced by AI.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a term to describe intelligence of machines. Using advanced -learning processes, these days machines are able to adapt and learn, much like us humans.

What does this mean to us?

Machines have already replaced humans in order to a number of routine jobs. However,  breakthroughs in AI mean that these intelligent machines may be capable of challenging high-skill and non-routine tasks too.

This will mark a shift from online trading to the use of AI systems in industrial production. So, what will this mean for us? And should it generate concern for our jobs?

AI Already in use

There is a growing demand rate of technology advancements in several industries. In fact, there are a number of operations systems and manufacturing lines relying on robots to provide quality products and services.

We can see that companies such as Audi, Kia or Toyota utilise robots to assist them in designing and assembling cars – Jobs that would be extremely difficult for humans to complete.

Robots and newly developed technologies are smart, accurate, and reliable in completing difficult tasks. However,  technology can also be involved in simpler jobs such as at the cash register in department stores.

Its also used as smart sensors, removing the manual job of walking up to the thermometer to adjust the temperature.

losing jobs to technology: A Goodbye to Manual Jobs


Jobs and Roles that are being replaced by Artificial Intelligence


1. Factory Workers – Several manufacturing companies are replacing factory worker’s jobs with technology. It can be exhibited in China where one factory has replaced more than half of its human employees with robots. This has ultimately improved production and product quality.

2. Cashier – Many cashiers have been faced with losing jobs to technology. In fact, there are rarely any cashiers handling money or greeting their customers.

Cashier’s tasks are decreasing since the introduction of self-serve checkouts. Self-serve checkouts bring customers independence and allow them to make their purchase decisions on their own.

3. Customer Service and Office Assistants – There are rarely any humans that contact you when you’re calling for assistance or help. These customer service call centres are automated.

For example, when you’re calling your bank or smartphone provider, there is an automated customer service representative that takes your call first. That will ultimately hand-off the call to a real human.

losing jobs to technology: A Goodbye to Manual Jobs


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