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AI Jobs: Why Professionals Are Using AI

AI Professionals

AI is already making its way through multiple industries and replacing many jobs.

Of course, anything this game-changing will be met with fear and skepticism. But is it really something to be afraid of? 

To counter this initial response of fear that we have for artificial intelligence, here are a few reasons why a professional should consider using AI products for their work:

Reason #1: AI’s Efficiency

There is an aspect in every job that can be tedious and soul-sucking. For lawyers it might be reviewing legal contracts. For restaurants, maybe it’s taking orders – and for call centers it’s answering the same question over and over again.

The public already uses AI applications such as Siri and Alexa to improve their personal lives – and professionals are also beginning to use it to improve their daily workflow.

Routine, low-risk tasks doesn’t always have to be done by a qualified professional. A lawyer or an accountant’s time can be better spent on tasks that require their specific expertise. They can focus on more strategic and creative tasks, which can lead to better performance and worker satisfaction.

According to an article on MITSloan, ECC (Enterprise Cognitive Computing) call center applications ‘can answer customer calls within 5 seconds on a 24-7-365 basis.’ [1] It accurately addresses simple issues ‘90% of the time’, while more complex issues are transferred to employees. In addition, the Cincinnati Fire Department is also using AI to deal with public requests more efficiently. Using this technology, they are able to ‘prioritize responses and determine the best ways to handle emergencies.’

Reason #2: AI’s Profitability

According to a Forbes article, ‘AI will increase economic growth an average 1.7% across 16 industries by 2035 – with information and Communication, manufacturing and financial services’ leading all of them. [2]

Using automation can speed-up workflow and increase productivity, all while lowering cost. The use of AI in routine tasks also means a reduction in human errors and, as we saw with the ECC call center applications, it also means certain services can be operational ’24-7-365′.

Reason #3: AI’s Inevitability

If you run a business and refuse to adopt AI technology, you can quickly be left behind by your AI-aided competitors. Their products and/or services can become more and more efficient and cost-effective as the technology improves.

This will force you to either adapt or vanish.

Digital Reasoning CEO, Tim Estes, says that those who ‘embrace’ AI technology will be able to adapt accordingly and reap its rewards. Those who ‘shun the opportunity’ however, ‘are most at risk’. Estes suggests that one of the best ways to handle AI is to embrace it. [3]

For example, in the legal services industry, the use of Legal Tech is gradually becoming a necessity. More and more law firms are turning to Legal Tech to automate processes like contract-reviewing. The widespread use of this technology forces even more law firms to adapt.


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