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We make legal AI software for the professional legal services industry.

Our AI contract review software output generates a negotiation table from legal contracts. This reduces initial reviewing time from 5 HOURS, down to 30 SECONDS OR LESS.

Our primary objective is save you the time spent on routine legal work. By automating this contract review process, we want to empower lawyers, allowing you to spend time on more meaningful tasks. 

With our AI software, you can use your time more efficiently and with higher value level of work.

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How to use our contract review software

Our legal AI software is quick and easy to use.

1. You tell us your legal position

                                                           2. You upload a contract

                                                           3.  A redline document is generated for you to download

How does it work?

Our software uses an advanced learning algorigm to extract key information from a legal contract. This could be a lease termination date or a clause.

It then provides a classification report, receives approval, and only afterwards, those classifications are uploaded to the database of the legal position you chose.

Why use AI? 

Lawyers are overloaded with work these days and we saw a gap in the market for AI to help.

Our contract review software helps you to work strategically smart to ensure your work is being done efficiently.

What’s more, we believe that AI software is better because of its unbiased nature. Therefore, it’s able to provide a better judgment when reviewing legal documents. Because Ai is forever learning, our software is constantly improving and this is only the start of what we can do.

Do you want to know more?

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