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Technology has clearly advanced its way into making major improvements and allowed for significant assistance in certain industries which includes education. From what we can already establish, highly technologically advanced robots are now used to manufacture our cars, there are now 3D Printers which creates ease for designers and engineers when designing a model and a large number of computer software’s that are used for anyone of any industry.

In regular classrooms, we remember our school teachers using books, chalkboards, whiteboards and where students using several pens, leave them everywhere. Technology alone has clearly made its way into the education sector where companies have developed an improvement of our day to day or old existing equipment used for teaching. Schools now invest in interactive whiteboards, computers, and iPads to assist students’ education. In addition to this, with kids growing up with technology and are constantly surrounded by technology, they can easily grasp onto the idea of incorporating it into their education on their own. There already existing educational applications that exploit qualities of AI to improve learning in students. These applications are – Thinkster Math, Brainly or MATHiaU.


How AI is implemented in education

1. Customer Learning – Artificial Intelligence can provide a level of differentiation and customises learning according to an individual student’s weakness and strengths.

 2. Teaching Assistance – Artificial Intelligence is growing to help teachers grading papers and preparing upcoming classes. There are currently machines out there that are able to grade multiple-choice tests at an optimum speed, check attendance and enrolments.

3. Extra classes and support outside of the classroom – Artificial Intelligence creates a new way for parents that struggle to teach their child in any subject. There are tutoring and studying programs that are becoming more advanced that provides assistance for parents as well as students.

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