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Simply upload your legal positions to our platform to get started. This is a straightforward process.

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Upload a contract and download the report. Let our easy to use interface surprise you.

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Once you upload a contract to our platform a negotiation table or redlined contract is generated for you to download.

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Analyse Clauses In Seconds

Our patented Machine Learning processes can analyse legal contracts with unparalleled accuracy in seconds

Easy File Upload

Upload word documents from your desktop. Once you upload a file, we don’t store it on our server.

Here at AI Professionals, we have developed AI contract review software for the professional legal services industry. 

Our Artificial Intellegence software output generates a negotiation table from contracts. This means that initial reviewing time can decrease from 5 HOURS, down to 30 SECONDS OR LESS. 

 Our software is easy to use and can extract information from the contract for a user to review, such as a lease termination date. Once you’re done, we don’t store your information. So,  yours and your clients privacy are protected. 

We are confident that our legal AI software is better because of its unbiased nature. This helps lawyers to provide a better judgment during the contract review process. By using our legal AI software to automate this process, your legal team will have more time to spend on more meaningful tasks. 

Say goodbye to routine legal work today .

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