Human Intelligence – ‘Human versus Machine’ | AI Professionals

We dive into understanding and comparing the differences and similarities of human intelligence and artificial intelligence or what some like to call ‘man vs. machine’. From reading previous articles and blogs, intelligence in machinery can be distinguished by its ability to incorporate human features as well as enhanced automation features. What does this mean?

To understand artificial intelligence, we must be familiar with human intelligence. As humans, we are built-in with a mixture of emotions and physical behaviors that are influenced by attitudes, cultures, values, persuasion, or genetics. Humans, as we know, have limited memory, limited processing, and where decisions are impacted by our emotions and the environment we are set in. Compare this to what we already understand about artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is highly used in manufacturing industries, healthcare, finance, advertising, and software sectors and is still ever-evolving to transform into additional industries.

Unlike human intellect, artificial intelligence is not limited to processing or memory and are excelled in problem-solving and fast data-processing but removes human qualities when tackling human cases such as communication skills, empathy, values and judgments an employee would need to properly excel in their tasks. This can be illustrated in any industry where artificial intelligence would be appropriate for data-processing, problem-solving, and decision making. By using artificial intelligence, companies, and organisations can enhance human behaviors and allow employees to work efficiently and more effectively as it would encourage better work morale.

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