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Summary   Client background The client's business has been operating for over 10 years and has many office locations. His…



Client background

The client’s business has been operating for over 10 years and has many office locations. His business process relied on excel spreadsheets to store client information. Client files are stored in email, local computer and cloud storage. 


The first challenge is shorten closing time per client. It takes hours to calculate pricing, prepare a proposal then sends the client to print and sign the the proposal. 

The second challenge is synchronizing data across the organization. Customer data is very fragmented and caused a lot of trouble to access client information. 

The third challenge is tracking employees’ work. The client needs a way to simply show what each department is working on and understand what is happening in his business at all times.


We automated customer pricing and client proposal. The sales team just click a few buttons all documents needed to close a sale are generated. After the sale is complete, our intergration with Xero accounting will save the invoice.
Finally, each department inside the company is organized into different sections pages, such as sales, accounting, office admin and manager. Each have their own page. Work can be tracked and a report can be downloaded.

Before using our platform, the company recorded all customer information is spreadsheet and much work is done manually. Now, the company’s data is all in one place and work is reduced from hours to 30 seconds,  

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