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AI Professionals workflow automation
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    Business process

    Your whole client onboarding and business process can be automated. From initial contact, quotation, proposal invoice and welcome email. We automate them all.

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    Your business process can be automated in our CRM. We make automation easy because of our rich feature set all geared towords automation.

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    Synchronize data

    All your company's data is synchronized and easy to locate. Manager can assign employees permissions to access part of or all of the data.

Client onboarding on Autopilot

Imagine with the hours we free employees, what they can do with your business?

AI Professionals workflow automation

They Automated it

“AI Professionals automated our business.”

Client background The client's business has been operating over 10 years with many office locations. His business process relied on…

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“ AI Professionals streamlined our customer onboarding”

Client background The client is an interview preparation company. They help job seekers with resume and interview prepartion. The team…

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Our value add



We empower you to sell over the phone, on zoom or automate selling on LinkedIn messaging. 


We automatically create proposals for you, even if it's complex as such personalized images for each proposal.

Pricing calculation

No matter how complex your pricing structure, we automate client quotes with just a few clicks.

Start project

Assign someone to begin client work. All conversation and documents are stored so you never have to open many apps or folder to access client files. 

Customers are lovin’ it

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“Porting in to Jumpstart is a breeze.
“Jumpstart is a dream come true.”
“This company always turns out quality.”
“Jumpstart is, well... It's pretty great.
“Put your money into this company now.”

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